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Yes it is now my 11th anniversary year in the hobby. Who would have thought that DF95 stands are now the bread and butter of what I do.
I would like nothing more than to get back to finding all the RG 65 builders and produce hulls keels and rudders for the class again.
Well it looks like those days are gone but hope is eternal to have me or (someone) producing parts in the USA for our hobby.
So the future is cloudy for me at this point. The material I use for the stands has more than doubled in the 6 years of my stand making.
Will they be worth the price going forward ? Time will tell. Sometime soon I will be getting a quote for material. I am not hopeful that people will be lined up as in the past for one of my stands when they see the new price. What they do not know is what all is involved with doing this and the time and tooling investment, everything that is required to have on hand for parts, pieces, boxes, storage space and the all important trash disposal.
Don't get me wrong this has been fun and everyone has been so supportive. I really hope to continue in some form but right now I can not say for sure.

Thank you for all the great compliments on the stands and keep the pictures coming.


Craig Huzway

The 11th Anniversary of Breaking Wind Boats    1-1-22

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